Bespoke Solutions Customised

To Your Workflow - Designed

specifically for your business

what bespoke design services do we offer?

RTP offers a wide range of bespoke design:

  • Plastic fabrication
  • Metal fabrication
  • foam fabrication
  • bespoke storage
  • and much more!

Solutions, fabricated your way!

With a dedicated design team on hand, we will design and fabricate a solution to your specifications. From metal to foam we will consider a huge spectrum of jobs.
All our solutions are built with the intention of reducing a company’s hidden costs.

Plastic Fabrication

Plastic Fabrication

Plastic is used in a range of industries due to its wide range of desirable properties, making it versatile and cost-effective for fabrications

metal fabrication

Metal Fabrication

RTP Materials Handling has an experienced team of welders and fabricators that can build any trolley, cage, shelving or workspace to your exact requirements



Dunnage is the generic term for what goes into a box or container to secure & hold a component. This can be welded plastic dividers, foam inserts, EPP & thermoformed trays

tool control

Tool Control

Tool control is essentially organised tool storage that is designed to provide efficiency to your work area with the benefits of easy tool identification, reduced damage & loss to tools and improved health & safety

movement & workflow

Movement & Workflow

Moving components, tools and products around your premises in a safe and controlled manner increases your production rate and profitability while reducing damage to your products



With space now at an economic premium, we have designed an extensive range of storage facilities, all of which can provide a maximisation of space and labour efficient solutions

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